Checklist for ERP-to-ERP system integration

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Checklist for ERP-to-ERP system integration

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The following functional conditions and/or process related issues have to be checked before an integration can be successfully executed:

  1. Item codes machted?
    Buyer and supplier have to align item codes and units of measurement for orders to be exchanged automatically.
  2. Process for missing item codes?
    Describe the proces when the Buyer sends an order without existing Supplier Item Code.
  3. Process for new items?
    New items have to be aligned on both sides before they can be ordered. The Tradecloud Item Management module can be used for this.
  4. Prices aligned?
    Price unit quantity. Tradecloud support differences in price unit quantities. (ordered by 1, confirmed price per 100). If this is needed the field has to be used.
  5. Price formats aligned?
    Price formats and rounding, are agreed prices in the same format before and after the ‘.’ ? (1.23 Euro)
  6. Order acceptanced after confirmation?
    Buyer and supplier have to agree that an order is only final after both parties have agreed on the confirmation. (in case of differences in date/quantity/price)
  7. BOM and routing?
    Bill of materials (BOM). Tradecloud will only send the item number from the buyer, so transferring this into a BOM must be done in the ERP system of the supplier
  8. One Delivery address per order?
    Tradecloud supports 1 delivery address per order, so the same address for all lines
  9. Drawings, revisions and specifications?
    How are specifications and revisions communicated? Tradecloud has a module for automatic uploading and linking of CAD drawings.
  10. Packing instructions?
    How are packing instructions communicated?
  11. Order line splitting?
    The splitting of order lines by the supplier is a default functionality. This means that the buyer ERP has to split the order line in multiple delivery lines when the supplier proposes a split delivery.
  12. Order confirmations?
    Suppliers need to confirm at least the requested date, quantity and price in a separate message. Optionally references can be added. 100% confirmations will be automatically updated in the ERP of the Buyer. Exceptions will be handled in the workflow of the Buyer.
  13. Updates of existing orders?
    The buyer may update an existing order, so with an updated date or quantity. This will be send as a new message. Can the supplier handle this?
  14. Urgent orders?
    There is no technical solution for urgent orders. Buyer and supplier have to agree on a separate process for this.
  15. Multiple legal entities?
    Tradecloud standard supports connecting 1 supplier to 1 buyer. Please inform us if you have more entities or you want to receive orders from multiple legal entities / customers.
  16. Final check
    What other actions are sales persons performing manually now that should be automated?

Please make sure that all these topics are discussed and agreed upon before start of the technical implementation.

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