Subscriptions for suppliers

Transparant all-in rates

Pricing model suppliers (English only!)2019-11-01T14:12:26+01:00

Using the portal is 100% free.

Real time ERP integration requires a subscription.

Via Portal

  • The basic solution to receive and confirm orders
  • For connecting to customers via the portal


  • Up to 100 messages /month
  • For connecting 1 customer
  • € 0,23 for each additional message


  • Up to 500 messages /month
  • For connecting 2 to 4 customers
  • € 0,21 for each additional message


  • Up to 2.000 messages /month
  • For connecting 5 to 20 customers
  • € 0,18 for each additional message

Premium Partner

  • Up to 10.000 messages /month
  • For connecting an unlimited number of customers
  • € 0,11 for each additional message

Do you have more customers in the manufacturing industry that you would like to connect? We would love to work together, contact us for more details.

Set up fees for ERP integration (one-off)


1850fixed price
  • Technical API Support


2250fixed price
  • Installation of the CSV connector and acceptance test


3850fixed price
  • Installation of the XML connector and acceptance test


4950fixed price
  • Installation and configuration of the EDI messages and acceptance test


What is a transaction?2019-10-29T09:53:27+01:00

A transaction is an order line, shipment line or invoice line. An update or confirmation is not a new transaction.

Are the rates all-in?2019-10-29T09:53:36+01:00

Yes, there are no additional costs as with traditional software. The subscriptions include hosting, maintenance and management.

Where is the data stored?2019-10-29T09:44:38+01:00

Tradecloud works as SaaS software in the cloud. The data is securely stored at Digital Ocean in Amsterdam. Look at this page for our security policy.

Which ERP connectors does Tradecloud have?2019-10-29T09:49:00+01:00

We have developed various standard ERP connectors.
Standard ERP connectors are available for SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, Exact, Ridder and MKG. More information

Can I make a connection via API?2019-10-29T09:40:59+01:00

Yes, you can use our API link for free. Look here for more information about API.

Is a manual available?2019-10-29T09:37:45+01:00

Yes, documentation is available.

Other questions? Call or email us!2019-10-29T09:54:26+01:00

Telephone: +31 85 401 9760 or email:

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  • The subscription includes: connecting to a high performance cloud infrastructure, Technical support, Maintenance of the interface, Product updates, Transaction monitoring and Security monitoring and updates
  • The customer is responsible for coordination and project management of the integration
  • Time & material hours are invoiced on a monthly basis based on actual hours spent. Fixed price fees are invoiced at start of the project
  • The monthly subscription costs are invoiced at start of the project for 12 months upfront
  • The set-up fees relate to making a connection to one of your customers (if more work is needed for connecting multiple customers these activities will be invoiced separately)
  • The message fee is invoiced on a monthly basis. The quantity of messages in a certain month is calculated based on the total quantity of messages that are send via the Tradecloud platform.
  • Additional mapping requirements or support are invoiced at: € 1.100,- per day
  • Support tickets are calls to our customer service or emails to requesting assistance.
  • The terms of payment are 14 days from the invoice date
  • Yearly indexing of all amounts can occur according to the CBS consumer price index (CPI).
  • The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term for another 12 months, unless it is cancelled 2 months before with a written notice
  • By signing the proposal you accept Tradecloud’s offer and its general terms and conditions. These are enclosed with this proposal and available on:
  • Our security policy is available on:
  • The solution can be used as a reference case towards other potential customers
  • All prices are excl. VAT unless otherwise stated.