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ERP integration for sales processes

With the Tradecloud platform, you optimize the sales process with your customers. By connecting your existing ERP system to the platform, you can receive real-time orders and avoid manual operations. Through the portal, vendors can make free use of the platform, but to quickly accelerate and process operational processes for order processing and communication with customers, Tradecloud has developed several standard ERP connectors.

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Why integrate with Tradecloud?
  • Zero touch order handling
  • Sync item master data
  • Receive orders
  • Process confirmations and status updates
  • Sign up for shipments
  • Safe & reliable


Collaboration methods

The following methods are available to work with the Tradecloud platform.

Choose the method that fits your situation or contact Tradecloud for any assistance.

See the pricing of the different methods here.

A. Portal

  • You receive and confirm orders in the portal
  • No impact on your own IT
  • Email notifications
  • Free

B. CSV download

  • Same as A but now in the portal you can also download orders in a fixed CSV format
  • This file can be used to import orders in your own system
  • For this option you need a premium supplier subscription
  • No uploads and no custom fields possible

C. CSV file connector

  • A file connector will be installed on your server that sends and receives files automatically
  • For orders and confirmations
  • In a fixed CSV format
  • Uploads and custom fields possible

D. API interface

  • We have a standard REST API available for all sorts of integrations
  • You can built your own connection to the standard Tradecloud REST JSON API
  • See technical details below
  • An API support contract is required

E. ERP connector

  • We have standard connectors for multiple ERP systems
  • E.g. for Exact, MKG, Ridder, SAP, ISAH, Infor and many more
  • See technical details below


  • We have a standard EDI template for D96.a messages

G. Service providers, other platforms or ERP vendors

  • We have standard agreements and connectors available with other networks
  • Some ERP vendors sell a Tradecloud connector to their system as part of their offering
  • Pricing is determined by the 3rd party

H. Other

  • Other methods on request if the CSV connector or API is not an option

See the pricing of the different methods here.


Technical specifications


SAP EDI of iDoc

Orders, order confirmations, items and deliveries between SAP and Tradecloud.

  • Inbound & outbound IDOCs via SFTP or EDI provider
  • Web services based on SOAP XML or REST JSON
  • Via NetWeaver Gateway, SLT, PI or POVoor SAP ECC6

MS Dynamics NAV / AX

Create sales orders in MS Dynamics and share logistic and financial data.

  • Navision upward of version 2009R2
  • SOAP XML Web Services
  • Unlocking standard pages in Navision
  • Axapta via Application Integration Framework

Exact Globe Next

A fully standard connector based on the Exact Entity services. Orders, order confirmations, items and deliveries between Exact and Tradecloud.

  • For Exact Globe Next
  • Via standard connector on the Exact server


We provide a standard REST API to easily accomplish various integrations.



Orders, order confirmations, items and deliveries in EDI format.

  • Subset of D.96.A
  • Messages in XML or EDI
  • Via SFTP

Ridder IQ

A fully standard connector based on Ridder IQ SDK. Orders, order confirmations, items and deliveries between Ridder and Tradecloud.

  • Ridder SDK
  • Via standard connector on the Ridder server


Orders, order confirmations and deliveries between MKG and Tradecloud.

Other integrations

In addition to standard integrations, Tradecloud supports specific links on request via its integration platform. Using template integrations and proven methodology, external formats (eg XML, CSV, or EDI via SFTP) are translated into the Tradecloud format. All integrations are monitored and messages are checked by queuing before they are delivered.

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