Clear all-in rates including maintenance, support & supplier onboarding

Pricing Model Buyers2019-03-30T17:12:21+02:00

We charge based on scope and number of transactions






On request

All subscriptions include the following functionality: Orders, Order confirmations, Workflow, Communication and Basic Supply chain analytics.
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ERP integration

Via ERP Connector

325per month
  • Standaard ERP connectors available with SAP, NAV, AX, Infor LN, Exact, Ridder, Glovia and many more
  • Incl. maintenance & support
  • Excl. implementation

Via our API

250per month
  • Integrate yourself via the REST API
  • Technical support
  • Transaction monitoring

Custom integration

On request
  • Non-standard ERP systems
  • Via EDI, webservices, ESB’s or other

Add-ons for more functionality


350per month
  • Share forecasts with suppliers
  • Requirements per month per item per supplier
  • Excl. implementation


350per month
  • Let suppliers plan shipments
  • See whats coming
  • Excl. implementation


250per month
  • Sync Specifications
  • E.g. link order specifications, CAD files or instructions directy to orders


Are the rates all-in?2018-06-19T10:08:18+02:00

Yes, there are no added costs as with traditional licence software. The monthly or transaction plans include hosting, maintenance and support.

What is a message or transaction?2019-04-11T19:50:01+02:00

1 message = 1 order line, 1 shipment line or 1 invoice line (including all possible updates, confirmations or deliveries on this line)

Do I have to pay in advance for a year?2018-06-19T10:10:01+02:00

Yes. Contracts are for paying one year in advance. We have noticed that if users tend to look a year ahead are more successful and long-term success is our goal.

Other questions? call us2018-06-19T10:11:40+02:00

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  • Subscriptions are invoiced 12 months in advance
  • A transaction line is an order line including changes and confirmation. A shipment line or Invoice line is a new transaction
  • SAP, Microsoft AX, Movex and Oracle ERP integrations are always in the enterprise model

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