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Easy Supply Chain Collaboration with your Suppliers

The purchase to pay process is complex in most organisations because it includes substantial manual handling and several approval moments. Buyers often spend countless hours searching for the best prices, negotiating with multiple suppliers and purchasing products from different companies. Clear communication between buyers and suppliers is key to survive, but this is difficult to attain by e-mail, fax and Excel sheets. Your existing ERP or EDI system will be easily connected to the platform. With the standard communication functionality in the TradeCloud supply chain platform all agreements are linked to transactions. This way buyers and suppliers have a clear view of the same data, both real-time and history data. With the supply chain platform you can streamline your operational purchase process.


'Work with the suppliers who are already on the platform'


With the Supply Chain Platform you will:
  • Have insight in real-time supply chain data
  • Share purchase orders, invoices and delivery notes
  • Have the possiblity to link CAD drawings to orders or items
  • Manage changes in price, quantity or date
  • Have one central overview of all communication 
  • React to issues faster and on time
  • Minimize order handling
  • Have it available on tablet or smartphone
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Send Purchase Orders

As a buyer you are able to send purchase orders directly from your ERP system to the supplier. Suppliers can approve or change orders when it comes to quantity, price and delivery time. After your approval, any changes that are made are automatically processed in your ERP system. 

The purchase orders solution allows buyers and suppliers to share orders and have the same transparant view of all order data.

Plan Shipments

This solution allows you, as a buyer, to see the planned delivery notes and confirmation of your suppliers. As a result there is a better planning in the warehouse and shipping is done right the first time. 

The shipments solution increases agility of supply chains by improving on-time delivery and rapid response to shifting demand. You can also track & trace your order with most carriers.

Receive Invoices

The invoices solution makes it possible for you, as a buyer, to receive automatic invoices. These invoices are created by and sent from your supplier to your ERP system. Buyers can approve or change an invoice and send feedback to the supplier. 

The invoices solution increases agility, reduces costs and minimizes the chance for matching errors.


Central Item Management

With the central item management solution both buyers and suppliers have access to the same detailed product information. Price, delivery time and specifications are real-time available. There is also a possiblity to integrate CAD drawings or PDF specifications.

  • Have a central view of item information 
  • Your suppliers have access to their own data
  • Receive notifications if there are workflow deviations
  • Any changes are automatically implemented in your ERP

Send Forecasts

The forecasts solution allows planning and executing inventory along the supply chain. With this solution buyers give suppliers insight into accurate product forecasts (for instance for the next 6 weeks). This allows the supplier to control its own processes better. 

  • Share your inventory needs
  • Have insight into inventory on different locations
  • Send forecast of 6 weeks
  • Always online available