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All-in ERP integration for suppliers
A basic solution to receive & confirm orders from customers
Receive orders
Confirm orders
Change items
Plan shipments
Send invoices
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  • Free
  • Unlimited users
  • Ulimited transactions
  • Incl. hosting, maintenance & support
ERP INTegration
per/month + transaction fee
Integrate your ERP
Same as via the portal but then directly integrated with your own ERP
Via our API or via standard ERP connectors
(a.o. Exact Globe
Ridder IQ
and many others)
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B2B wholesalE
On request
Full Sales automation + Catalog integration
For wholesale companies
Share item assortments incl. nett prices, availability and specifications
Integrate operational sales processes
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  • Onboarding: € 5.000
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited users
  • Incl. hosting, maintenance & support

Sell more, and more effective, to existing customers

  • Pricing

    • Supplier subscription + 100 transactions: €145,- per month
    • Additional transactions: €0,23 per transaction
  • Conditions

    • A transaction is 1 order line (incl. confirmations & shipment lines)
    • The first 100 transaction are included
    • An invoiceline + payments is a new transaction
    • Transaction fees are invoiced per 3 months
    • Transactions are calculated on a yearly basis, starting 1/1
    • For every new customer that you introduce you will get a one-time 25% discount on your next invoice
  • Why connect to the platform?

    • Sell more to existing customers
    • Reduce manual work
    • Improve your supply chain performance, e.g. less handling, better packaging
    • Enable upselling possibilities to existing and new customers

  • Step by step integration

    We enable step by step integration of the following business processes:
    • Order lines
    • Order confirmations
    • Catalog / Item upload
    • Shipments
    • Invoices 
  • Other integration options 

    If you cannot connect to our above integration options we have other options available on request:

    • Via our SOAP XML webservices
    • Via your SOAP XML webserices
    • Via other options like EDI/iDoc/CSV/XML over SFTP

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the rates all-in?

    Yes, there are no added costs as with traditional licence software. The monthly or transaction plans include hosting, maintenance and support. 
  • What is a transaction?

    A transaction is a complete set of an order line + confirmation line + shipment line + invoice line, An invoiceline is a new transaction. 
  • Do I have to pay in advance for a year?

    Yes. Contracts are for paying one year in advance. We have noticed that if users tend to look a year ahead are more successful and long-term success is our goal. 
  • Do you have a question? Call us!

    085 - 401 97 60