Introduction to Supplier on-boarding

Introduction to Supplier on-boarding

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Step by step approach

The following steps guarentee a succesful supplier onboarding process:

1. Create list with suppliers, priorities and volumes, and create internal procedure for onboarding suppliers

2. Send information email to inform suppliers of the goals of the project

3. Send information pdf to suppliers with details and on how it works

4. Online introduction session (incl video recording for future sessions)

5. Invite suppliers for test environment with their own data

6. Online Training session to get them up and running in the test environment  (incl video recording for future sessions)

7. Live 

We have a consultancy packages of X days in which we help you to create these materials and assist you in the onboarding of suppliers. With the materials and recordings you can then do other suppliers yourself.

Connect suppliers via the portal

If you work via the portal there is no implementation needed. After you have been invited you can connect to your customer and start receiving and confirming orders. You will be informed of any new orders or changes via email.

Connect suppliers via ERP integration

If you want to benefit from full ERP integration there is the following process:

  1. Choose integration method
  2. Process alignment
    • This has to be done between Buyer and Supplier upfront
    • See functional checklist below
  3. Setting up the connection
    • Technical implementation
  4. First test
    • Default Tradecloud message exchange is validated by supplier
    • Connectivity test has been completed, messages are transfered
    • Default Tradecloud test scenarios are used with real-life data
    • Onboarding dates are confirmed by Buyer and Supplier
  5. Acceptance test
    • The client provides an acceptance ERP environment with representative data. This data needs to be accurate production like data – no changes in the test data
    • Two sessions are planned with a lead time of 2 weeks; one for End to End testing and one for Go Live
  6. Live
    • The customer will formaly validate and accept the integration
    • Beyond this date, an RFC for additional support is required
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