Implementation: Orders and Confirmations

Implementation: Orders and Confirmations

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Process description:

Send an Order

Goal: Send orders from ERP system to Tradecloud

Process steps:

  1. Create PO in ERP
  2. Trigger event that order is ready to be send
  3. Send PO to Tradecloud
  4. Optional: update PO to Tradecloud
  5. Add receipt data to order in Tradecloud

Business logic:

  • The ERP decides the trigger for sending orders
  • Orders contain order headers and one or more lines
  • Orders have some required fields, see manual
  • Orders can be updated at a later stage, all data will be overwritten if order is not confirmed yet, otherwise a task will be created for the supplier
  • Buyer contact persons can be linked to orders by providing the name of the contact person (email) in the order header, a filter on the order overview page will be automatically created
  • Email notifications will be send to the supplier for each new or updated order
  • Email notifications will be send to the supplier for new communications, the supplier can decide on the frequency of these notifications
  • Order lines can be ‘rejected’ by a Supplier if status is ‘issued’
  • Order lines can be ‘cancelled’ by a Buyer

Field mapping:

The basis layout of an order is as follows (examples of fields):

Order header

  • Supplier ID
  • PO Number
  • Destination (location, type, address, ..)
  • INCO Terms
  • Payment terms
  • Buyer Properties
  • Buyer Notes
  • Buyer Documents

Order line(s)

  • Line position (10,20,30,..)
  • Description
  • Buyer item code
  • Supplier item code
  • Purchase units of measure ISO
  • Requested Date
  • Requested Quantity
  • Requested price (nett, gross, discount, currency)
  • Terms (contract number,..)
  • Buyer Reference numbers (Project, Sales order, ..)
  • Buyer Documents
  • Buyer Notes

See all fields here:

Questions and todo’s:

  • What is the trigger in ERP to send orders to Tradecloud?
  • How to define in ERP what suppliers use Tradecloud?
  • Define order and order line fields in Tradecloud, see manual
  • Define process for cancelling order lines, use Tradecloud line indicator for this purpose

Add Document(s) to Orderline

Goal: add a document to an orderline

Business logic:

  • It is possible to add one or more documents to order lines
  • Files are restricted to 100 MB

Receive an order response

Goal: process an order response in the ERP system

Business logic:

  • All 100% confirmed order lines are send to the ERP system
  • Default all inconsitent confirmed lines are not send to the ERP system, only after approval of the workflow in Tradecloud
  • It is possible to alse receive e.g. the confirmed date for not confirmed order lines
  • Both the Buyer and the Supplier can add Notes, Documents and properties to orders, these will not be overwritten and both be shown in the portal in the Buyer and Supplier section

Field mapping:

The basis layout of an order response is as follows (examples of fields):

Order header

  • Supplier ID
  • PO Number
  • Supplier Properties
  • Supplier Notes
  • Supplier Documents

Order line(s)

  • Line position (1,2,3,..)
  • Description
  • Confirmed Date
  • Confirmed Quantity
  • Confirmed price (nett, gross, discount, currency)
  • Supplier Reference numbers (Project, Sales order, ..)
  • Supplier Documents
  • Supplier Notes


  • Define process for processing order responses in ERP (where to save confirmed date, quantity, price in ERP, set status to confirmed in ERP,..)
  • Define if you want to receive already confirmed delivery dates for changes that are not approved yet

Add status info (e.g. receipt info) to order line

Goal: update order when status changed in ERP (e.g. goods are received)

Process steps:

  • Indicators are available for setting order (lines) to a specific status, e.g. shipped, completed, cancelled, re-opened, delivered, no delivery expected)
  • These indicators can be pushed by the ERP system
  • For receipts: Update order line with ‘received quantiy’ and ‘received date’, order line status will be set to ‘delivered’, these data is also needed for calculating delivery performance

Connecting new Suppliers

Goal: add and invite supplier contacts to Tradecloud

Process steps:

  • Search for a supplier in the network function and add a connection
  • If supplier doesnt exist yet, the unknown/New suppliers (companies) need to be added by Tradecloud
  • Please provide name plus contact person (email) to



  • Create list of suppliers plus contact persons and group based on priority and volume

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