HOW TO – (Bulk) Confirm an order

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When you receive orders in Tradecloud One, you will get an email notification with a link to the Tradecloud platform. When you are logged in there are three places where you can confirm an order:

  • In the tasks page
  • In the order line detail page
  • In the order detail page (bulk confirmations)

In the tasks page, all your tasks are combined in one overview, incoming orders are one of these tasks. By clicking on an incoming order line it will unfold and all order information is shown. When you agree with the conditions of the order line, you can easily confirm it by pushing the green thumbs up. If you cannot fulfill the order line you can reject it by pushing the red thumbs down. If you cannot fulfill the order line but you can do it under other conditions, you can do a change proposal to your customer by clicking on the pencil. Your customer will then receive an order line tasks just like you.

The same actions can be done in the order line detail page, you can access this page by clicking on an order line number. On this page, all information about an order is shown including the messages related to this order.

It is also possible to confirm multiple order lines at ones, you can do this in the order detail page. Here you can select multiple lines of one order and confirm or reject the line using the same buttons as in the order line detail page. It is also possible to propose changes for multiple order lines but you can only propose another delivery date when doing this. If you want to change the price of an order line you have to open the order line detail page.