Shipment module – Features

Shipment module – Features

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Note: this module is still in progress which means features can be added or removed from the list. Please contact for more information.

Receive advanced shipping notifications from Tradecloud

  • Suppliers can create shipments manually in the portal (free).
  • Suppliers can upload shipments using a CSV upload.

Real-time insight in shipment statuses

  • The Tradecloud one portal provides real-time insight into the logistical statuses of shipments for buyers as well as suppliers.
    • Logistical statuses; provides insight into the physical location of the goods.
      • Planned > shipment is created by the supplier but not yet shipped, shipment can still be changed by the supplier.
      • Ready to ship > goods are ready to be shipped.
      • Shipped > goods are in transit.
      • Delivered > goods are delivered.
  • Third party track & trace codes can be linked to shipments.

Communicate in context

  • Communicate efficiently and transparent which your suppliers about shipments in the portal.
  • Communication is logged centrally in the shipments detail page in the portal.
  • All coworkers have insight into all communication.
  • Receive a task when a message is sent by your supplier.

Attach documents to shipments

  • Suppliers as well as buyers can attach documents to shipments.
  • Additional information about documents can be added during the attaching process.

Insight in the history of every shipment

  • Every shipment has its own activity stream. In this steam, every action related to the shipment is logged.
  • Activities can be:
    • A creation of a shipment.
    • A status change of a shipment.
    • A message that is sent related to a shipment.
    • A document that is attached to a shipment.

Receive tasks when human input is needed

  • Receive email notifications when tasks are created.
  • Determine the frequency of email notifications.
  • Tasks are created when:
    • A message related to a shipment is sent.

Ideas for the next version

If you are interested in one of these features, please late this know by voting on the topic on our roadmap.

  • Third party access, eg. forwarders or transport companies.
  • Internal communication about shipments.
  • Mentioning users in messages.
  • Attaching a document to a message.
  • Embedded track & trace of Third parties.

Features we will not support

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