Catalog module – Features

Catalog module – Features

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Note: this module is still in progress which means features can be added or removed from the listPlease contact for more information.

Send your item master data to Tradecloud

  • Tradecloud will match your item master data to the item master data of your connections.
  • Tradecloud will match your item master data to the order history you have in Tradecloud with your connections.
  • Buyers will receive a task when there are differences between your data and the data of your connections.

Receive updated item master data from Tradecloud

  • Suppliers & buyers can update item master data in Tradecloud.
  • Tradecloud will sent updated item master data to your ERP

Public catalog

  • Opportunity to publicly share (a part of) your item master data.
  • Search for items you need in the public item master data other companies.
  • Contact (not connected) suppliers to request private item data like prices or lead times.

Communicate in context

  • Communicate efficiently and transparent which your connections about item data in the portal.
  • Communication is logged centrally on the item page in the portal.
  • All coworkers have insight into all communication.
  • Receive a task when a message is sent by one of your connections.

Attach documents to items

  • Suppliers as well as buyers can attach documents to items.
  • Additional information about documents can be added during the attaching process.
  • Documents can be attached via the portal as well as via the connection.

Insight in the history of items

  • Every item has its own activity stream. In this steam, every action related to the item is logged. This makes it possible for users to track price changes over time.
  • Activities can be:
    • An update of the item data.
    • A message that is sent related to an item.
    • A document that is attached to an item.

Receive tasks when human input is needed

  • Receive email notifications when tasks are created.
  • Determine the frequency of email notifications.
  • Tasks are created when:
    • A message related to an item is sent.
    • A connection proposed changes related to item data.
    • A connection has updated his item master data and it is not in line anymore with your item data.

Ideas for the next version

If you are interested in one of these features, please late this know by voting on the topic on our roadmap.

  • Internal communication about orders or lines.
  • Mentioning users in messages.
  • Attaching a document to a message.
  • A specific user role for item master data management.

Features we will not support

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