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Effective Sales Processes

Tradecloud optimizes the sales process between you and your customers.
While you and your customers are using the e-commerce platform you can present your items in the online Tradecloud1 e-commerce catalog to your customers. There is no need for manual work. The items are automatically sent to the Tradecloud1 e-commerce platform from your ERP system. This way you can make sure your customers can order it directly. After your customers place an order, this and every order they place is automatically processed into your ERP system.

Provide access to product details, availability and prices through the e-commerce platform. Communicate easily with your customers through chat. Avoid manual operations for your employees so they can spend their time more effectively. Give customers insight into their their order status and invoices.

With the B2B e-commerce Platform you will:
  • Order online through the catalog
  • Search extensively in the catalog
  • Place a quick order based on orderhistory
  • Have insight into gross and net prices
  • Inform customers about their orderstatus 
  • Communicate easily through chat
  • Send automatic notifications when they are changed
  • Automatic processing of incoming orders into your ERP system



'Sell more'

Online Item Catalog

With the online item catalog your customers have access to the same detailed product information as you do. 

  • Share relevant item information
  • Share gross prices and price lists
  • Your customers have insight into item availability
  • Show new items and deals
  • Link item details such as pictures, manuals and instructional films
  • Integration is based on current item information from your ERP system

Communication 'in context'

Simple and structured communication with customers through the B2B e-commerce platform.  All correspondence is linked to an order or item. You have a visual timeline of recent transactions.

  • Give customers access to the status of their orders
  • Automatically send notifications with changes 
  • Have insight into order and invoice history
  • Have integration with existing ERP systems
  • Central point of communication
  • e-mail integration